Developed in Europe in the Medieval Period, Gothicism was an era influenced by extreme architecture and style most times being portrayed as dark and barbarous. Many things contributed to the selection of these adjectives used to describe this era, and there are numerous reasons to why this essence, started so long ago, is still so sought after to recreate in modern times.images

Gothicism in the Medieval Period, was a time of literature and art expressed in an exotic and mysterious way. This period was perhaps one of the most beneficial and important to the development of our modern art and literary scenes. The symbolism and significance seen in Gothic architecture is most times represented in religious regions. Many of the structures we see that represent the Gothic period have numerous triangular shapes which is believed to represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Another large aspect of these Gothic cathedrals was the aerial view of these structures, which were often in the shape of a cross in remembrance of the crucifixion of Christ.


Gothicism, in it’s primitive stage was perhaps the most shocking counterculture up to that time, and is arguably the most successful and beautiful one yet.

In modern society, what once was seen as counterculture is recognized as something standard and has taken on a completely new reputation. When we think of Gothicism we don’t generally think about stained glass windows and Edgar Allen Poe, we think of what society has turned it into. We think of Goth, and imagine people wearing black and worshiping the devil while listening to hardcore rock music. This is completely ludicrous of us to let these stereotypes influence our thoughts of what Gothicism actually is. Gothicism is art and beauty and regardless of how different it is portrayed or practiced in our modern world from its original purpose or influence, who’s to say that even our society’s Gothicism is isn’t beautiful as well?

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